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To generate lead and reach a broader market. It is possible! Highlight your products and services with a brand new Website.

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Become the leader in your domain. Be reachable through only a few clicks, so new clients can contact you.

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Discover how your Website and a good digital strategy will help you make an impact on your clients and neighbourhoods.

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Manufacturing SME, Distribution and commerce

Generate leads

The key for your success goes through your Website. It will answers the questions your clients might have. The buyers are on the Web and are looking for the best product.

Convince with the quality of your content

Convince your new clients or potential clients with texts, images and videos well chosen. Our writing and photography services will bring a professional signature to your project. Give your business the prestige it deserves!

Invest in publicity

Online publicity is inescapable in your marketing strategy. Alias Click wants to put you ahead of your competition with digital campaigns on social media and Google Adwords.

Expand and take advantage of your content

We pay attention to writing content that can be adapted to the various social medias. Whether it concerns Twitter’s limit of 140 characters, Facebook’s Diaporama or the video on YouTube. Controlling your message needs a good strategy made by experienced people. This is what Alias Click has to offer!

Get results and measure them

Get the results you want with your Website. Take a look a tour weekly report, so you know the key performance factors according to your objectives. The number of visits, where visitors come from and the most watched products are all valuable informations for the success of your business. Stay informed of your reality, adapt to it and stay ahead of your competitors.

Professional Services

Promote your services

What you have to offer is unique? You want to reach a broader clientele? Your Website is your starting point!

To highlight the center of your project, we assure you that we will:

  • Understand your reality and the actions you took beforehand
  • Identify and target clients that are close to you
  • Get your clients to engage sot hey can ask for appointments
  • Define how you will measure your return on investment

Focus on your business and on the quality of services. Alias Click will create for your a customized Website and digital strategy.

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Non-profit organizations

To encourage changes

Broadcast your message! Encourage changes for your target audience.

Your Website is the best tool to promote your events and to inform the population.

Give to your website all the functions you want.

  • Collect donations
  • Registration
  • Manage the membership
  • Give a secure zone to your members
  • Increase the customer service

Encourage the interaction and the participation of your members online with a social media strategy.

Alias Click offers you many favourable conditions because your cause is part of who we are!

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Working with us means understanding what is a team synergy. It is about getting better everyday in order to give you the best digital communication strategy and an original Website.

We have a team of various experts: integrator, designer, webmaster and manager. Everyone brings his own touch to make your projects unique.

Passionate and inspired, that is the Alias Click team!

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