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A Winning Strategy

Alias Click creates for your business a customized Web Strategy. Stay ahead of your competition, grow and generate revenues.

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Performing Digital Tools

Your Website is the center of all your communications. We develop it in synergy with Social Media, blog, newsletters and applications. We are agile et mobile!

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A Constant Presence

Your presence on Internet is vital. Leave it to the experts to generate creative and rich content, SEO, Adwords campaigns and managing newsletters and social medias.

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Strategic Advice

An effective Brainstorm
A Winning Strategy!

Everything is measurable on the Web. This is why a good strategic planning must have a result analysis table based on specific actions. Then, we can measure the impact and the results with you.

Alias Click offers you a team of experts who will ask the right questions, identify the best solutions and measure them as soon as your project is online.

What a good strategic planning must have:

  • How to stand ahead of your competition
  • Transform your spending into investments
  • Increase your presence on the Web
  • Discover your clients’ habits and get their engagement
  • Take full advantage of your new digital ecosystem

Measure the impact of your project

Conference – Strategic Planning Workshop

Share your good and not so good stories about your Internet experience. Nothing is worth the experience of sharing in order to understand how to benefit from your Digital tools and how to grow your investments.

These Strategic Planning Workshops are offered to entrepreneurs, directors, leaders or communications and marketing managers in order to:

  • Note the results you got
  • Understand the possibilities technology has to offer
  • Know what is trending
  • Plan the actions you need to take as soon as possible
  • Become a leader
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Website Creations

Performing digital tools – Guaranteed results

Your Website is the center of all of your communications. You have to develop your content according to the platform on which your message will circulate, such as the social media, the newsletter and online ads. These messages all must lead the user to the product or the service he is looking for. Trust our team to:

  • Create a simple and effective Information architecture
  • Create a unique design
  • Write easy to read texts optimized for the SEO
  • Create a responsive Website
  • Integrate and program the digital solution
  • Test and control the quality
  • Interact on social media


Selling online

#SellingOnline is possible! Whether it is for selling or just shopping, your online store is a must. Every study shows that no matter what your area of expertise is, you have to be present on the Internet and you have to pay attention to:

  • Create a nice user experience
  • Easily manage the inventory
  • Secure the transactions
  • Create user accounts
  • Manage the solutions of payment and shipping


Customize your message

The newsletter is still one of the cheapest ways to generate conversions. Sending your message regularly with call to actions and by presenting your products and services is the key factor for a successful newsletter. Here is how we can help:

  • Conceive the newsletters
  • Manage the mailing lists
  • Send the newsletters
  • Analyse the statistics
  • Respect the laws and regulations (ie: Bill C-28)

Social Media

Be Present

The Internet is like an ecosystem. Social media is a very important part of that ecosystem if you want to be seen everyday. Be present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. With Alias Click, you will:

  • Get your clients interested
  • Develop specialized applications
  • Increase you audience
  • Transform the interactions into actions

Indexing SEO

To be the first on the list

SEO is an art where patience is important. Every project must be conceived and developed according to those visibility objectives. You have to be strategic in order to get ahead of your competition. Managing a digital campaign is not an easy task. Contact us for:

  • Natural indexing (SEO)
  • Paid indexing (Google Adwords)

Operation, SEO & hosting

Website Maintenance

With Alias Click, we assure you that your website will stay up to date. We offer you various options so you can have a website that attracts the clients.

Our many years of experience helps us prevent everything that can go wrong on your website.

Hosting – Secure your website and its content

Secure your website and its content

Hosting is a crucial element for managing your website. Rest assured that we will take care of the security of your website and its content. We will also take care of the updates and all the components and functions. We offer you:

  • Shared server solutions
  • Photos Storage on optimized servers
  • Security back-up solutions
  • Succession plan

Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology to help the communication

With Alias Click, technology is not a religion. We have a simple approach. We identify the problem and we create the perfect architecture.

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